Why Choose Paw Prints Pet Photography


Why Clients Choose Paw Prints 

Clients choose Paw Prints because we offer a unique experience together with superior quality artwork of their best friend.  Because we truly fall in love with every pet that we meet and make the whole experience fun for both owner and pet alike.

Its all about creating a memory

At Paw Prints, we specialise in capturing your pets unique personality, we also love to capture the special bond held between children and their pets.

At Paw Prints, we give you the option of having your photo session done in the natural light in an outdoor location or in the studio.

Whilst we offer both options, we encourage clients with high energy dogs to be photographed in a natural light outdoor location, allowing them the freedom to run and just have fun.  This will allow us to capture their true essence.

If a studio session is what you would prefer, we work with your pet to capture some amazing images which allow their personality to shine through.  Cats are generally photographed either in your home or in the studio.

What it takes

To successfully photograph a pet and capture their true nature requires a specific skill set and experience that not every professional photographer holds.  You must be able to understand and truly love animals to gain their complete trust, which enables you to work effectively with them throughout the session.  At Paw Prints we do not photograph Weddings, Newborns or Sports.  We concentrate on your best friend, but of course we are happy to include your family into the mix.

I am a qualified Photographer having studied through CATC Design School in Brisbane and will continue to educate myself through seminars and workshops in the future.

How to Capture your Pets Personality

Capturing your pets personality takes a good mix of photography skills and animal handling skills.  At Paw Prints Pet Photography, we are professionally trained and have many years experience working with animals of all sizes.  When a pet is placed in a new situation with new people they are generally a little wary.  I spend the time to get to know your pet and their story, by doing this I am able to work out the best way to run the photo session to ensure your pet is relaxed and having fun.  Because only when your pet is relaxed and enjoying themselves will their true personality shine through.

On Location: When on location, the photo session will be run according to your pets personality and the type of images you want to achieve, at no stage will your fur-baby we put in a situation that they are not comfortable.  Your Pet comes first.

In the Studio:  In the studio, again we don’t work with set poses, we work on the basis of capturing great images whilst playing with and having fun with your pet.

What We Offer

From the moment you first make contact, until after your products have been delivered.  We make the whole experience fun and exciting.

Prior to the photo shoot we will discuss in depth all aspects involved in achieving the perfect result.  Including what type of art work you are thinking and where in your home you would like to display it.  Approximately two weeks after the photo shoot, you will come into our Bayside studio for your sales/viewing session.  It is at this time we will go through all images and products to choose the artwork you will be proud to display in your home.  Advice regarding products and layout available.