My Story

Hi, I’m Amanda

My journey as a Professional Pet Photographer began in 2013 after spending some time in Africa photographing wildlife. I had been photographing for many years but it was at this time I decided to make my passion my life.

I fall in love with every dog I meet and you will soon see everything I do is about ensuring they are happy and having fun.  I love to hear funny stories and this also helps me to ensure their unique personality is captured.  It always fill’s my heart with joy when I see the excitement in my clients face when they first see their images.  I love creating vibrant artwork for your home.  For me it doesn’t stop after the photo-shoot and your order has been delivered. I regard all my clients as new friends and really love to keep in touch and hear about the new adventures you and your pet share.


To me, animals represent much the same as children, innocence, unconditional love and pure happiness. They are inquisitive and know how to make the most of every moment. They play completely unaware of life’s daily pressures but always know when you need them by your side. Some are shy, some very affectionate and some, well, they are a little more energetic, but that is what is so perfect about them, they all have their own individual personalities that shine through, if you only take the time to notice.

Spending time with a pet and their family playing together in the late afternoon sunshine, freezing a moment in time that will remain special for a life. Capturing a bond between a child and their best friend or capturing the very special bond between an owner and his/her Senior dog. This is what make’s my job so special. Pets play an enormous part in our lives, but unfortunately are only with us for such a short amount of time. So by capturing these moments in time, these memories will live forever.

Animals have always played a major part in my life, family get togethers in my house always prove to be an adventure in themselves. With six dogs and two cats between myself and my adult kids, crazy is pretty accurate – but I wouldn’t change that for the world.

When I am not photographing pets, or just hanging out with my dogs.  I enjoy hiking and travelling to remote areas throughout the world to photograph wildlife.

I have a diploma in Photo Imaging through CATC Design school in Brisbane and continue to further my education through workshops.

I am not just a pet lover or just a wildlife lover – I AM AN ANIMAL LOVER